Cargill R&D Centre Europe

Belgium Vilvoorde Location BigCargill’s R&D centre is located in Vilvoorde, on the outskirts of Brussels. Acquired as part of the 2002 Cerestar acquisition, it has since become the hub of Cargill innovation in Europe, Middle East and Africa. This centre is part of an active network of several European application centres in the Netherlands, France and Spain and is also closely connected to our Asia Pacific, North American and Latin American Food Innovation Centres. The centres activities cover the entire spectrum of food and ingredients science:

  • Research, including advanced analytics, novel ingredient development, nutrition and health, physical and sensory science and process technology.
  • Process and product development, with particular expertise in the areas of industrial starch, polyols and dextrose, proteins, fibres, lipids, food starches and maltodextrin.
  • Applications with emphasis on bakery, confectionery, convenience and pharmaceutical and personal care.
  • Technical Service, providing technical assistance and serving as liaison between Cargill customers and the technical expertise they need.

The centre in Vilvoorde houses some 150 scientists and technologists. The state-of-the-art laboratories and well-equipped pilot facilities have been designed with the versatility needed to accommodate customer needs. Their work builds on more than a half-century of research into starch and its derivatives and a decade of exploration into other carbohydrates, as well as proteins and lipids.

With scientists from a range of disciplines working closely together, the centre leverages diverse experience and perspectives to create innovative solutions. Our technologists know how to transform raw materials into functional specialties. They also understand how various ingredients interact with other recipe components, how to achieve desired taste and texture and how to develop tasty, yet healthy, recipes.